The law firm KRIŽANEC, CAR-PAVLIC & POPARIĆ gp. was established in 2010, and has been operating under the current company name since 2020.

The registered seat of the law firm is in Zagreb. The company is represented by three members/partners – Marko Križanec, the founder; Lucija Car-Pavlic, who joined in 2013 and has been a partner since 2016; and Josip Poparić, who joined in 2012 and has been a partner since 2020.

The company also employs two trainee lawyers, Karlo Muić, who joined in 2021, and Klara Dukić, who joined in 2022.

Our key values are a personal approach and transparent relationship with each client, dedication and enthusiasm in resolving every legal issue/problem a client may have, and a mutual trust between the client and the lawyer. In our work, we adhere to the highest professional standards and principles of ethics, honesty and expertise.

The result of such approach to each client, and of our professional responsibility and work ethics, are satisfied clients whom we helped by providing legal advices, solving their legal issues and successfully ending court proceedings.